Anyone heard of ethernet failing on a NUC7i5?

This is crazy. NUC is on, Eero says it is not connected. Roon app can not find core. Just stopped all of a sudden.

Reboot NUC and Eero, maybe? Just speculating.

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Does the Eero show IT WAS connected previously. As @Kuryan_Thomas suggested reboot the works from the main Eero out to the satellite pods. I run a six Eero setup, and you have to do that once in awhile. If you have a cable modem, reset that too.

Yeah, Eero showed it was connected. I added a Bluesound Vault 2i, opened Roon and enabled it. Minutes later opened Roon to play and nothing. I rebooted network and NUC (a few times). I finally connected a monitor to go into the BiOS and look around. With the monitor connected, I saw searching for network. took a little longer than you would think and then poof, it was back.

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Another trick is if the item shows active in the Eero app, but is unresponsive, is to BLOCK it, wait a minute or so, and then UNBLOCK it. Sometime things get frozen. Never sure why…

Overall the system perform well. Only an occasional glitch.

I don’t use ROCK (NUC) but my network has about 40 things tied to it (mostly wired) so it could be an NUC issue. Glad you’re back up and running.

Well assuming you don’t have some issue with ‘Eero’ you can purchase a USB NIC adapter and use that instead to get round an onboard NIC failure. If you still have issues with that, then you have an ‘Eero’ issue.