Anyone here able to get Roon Core running on XigmaNAS (FreeBSD)?

At this point, I have a Windows 10 PC dedicated to running Roon Core, despite the fact that I have a powerful server that runs Plex and stores my media. I don’t like NFS, so I don’t want to run a Linux Core.

Anyway, has anyone been able to get Roon Core going in a BSD jail? I am able to get a jail going, but I am pretty much unsure of what to do after that.

Please reach out me to me if you think you can help!

Did you ever have any success on this? Running a dedicated NAS with Roon on it would be so great. As it is with Windows (10 or11) the windows needs to pretry much be didicaed, at least even if you run it as a service, if you log out or someone else logis in, it shuts down the server/server.

Nope. Ended up buying an Intel NUC and just running a ROCK.