Anyone Here Catch the CoronaVirus?

Just curious if anyone is currently on quarantine. How do you feel? When did you know and how did you know you had caught the flu?

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A. Kevin, with all due respect, I don’t think we should be talking about this on a music forum. I live in Santa Clara County in California, where the “community” spread seems to be wide, and frankly I’d like to find a place to hang out where no one is talking about this. I urge you to delete this thread.

B. On March 3, WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros said “this virus is not SARS, it’s not MERS, and it’s not influenza. It is a unique virus with unique characteristics.”

C. The most comprehensive coverage I’ve found is at Ars Technica.


That’s why I placed it in the Uncategorized Forum. So as not to have it in any of the Music related threads.

You didn’t have to click on this thread. You made a choice and now you have to live with that. Don’t want to read this thread, then don’t. There, wasn’t that easy.

Stay safe, @Bill_Janssen


This is a topic where I think it is best to respect each person’s position without debate and just a lot of sensitivity. In 2 months, we can rip each other apart about this if we want to.

That said, I appreciate Kevin posting the thread since I don’t post on other forums, and if sharing stories and comparing notes is comforting for some, that is a fair reason to post it.

But Bill, if this is only adding to your anxiety, please understand that we’re not ignoring your opinion here. We are just choosing to leverage this community because its ours.

Chicago here: I don’t know anyone who has tested positive. But I’m an attorney, and I asked my client why we hadn’t heard back on a contract we are negotiating, and he said he’d just gotten a note that the lawyer for the other side has pneumonia. Probabilities are C-19 at this point.

That, and my hypochondriac friend who got the sniffles and then decided to run out to Costco until I told him that was stupid and selfish and to get his a$$ home and back in bed.

I say we post stories about people coming together in this. Like all the folks who laugh when we “shake elbows.”


I think most people who come through this will have changed personal landscapes afterwards. I head a four man team of lone workers but one of my colleagues has pneumonia which is serious enough as it stands. He (and his wife) have the sort of underlying conditions that cause me concern and I wish them both well. Another much liked colleague who was a relatively recent cancer survivor died suddenly two weeks ago. Now neither have been officially declared COVID19 sufferers but I suspect both were/are. On my thrice weekly bike ride I bumped into an old colleague who I served an apprenticeship with as teenagers. He said quite pointedly that as a lifelong sufferer of asthma, it would probably kill him. It was that simple statement that bought it home to me. I’m not much in touch with my mortality. But amongst other people of my age (57) some are.


I’m 72 and have Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I doubt I could survive it, but I’m not going to get crazy about it. Just taking reasonable precautions and pretty much staying home. I’m mostly concerned that my 97 year old mother-in-law doesn’t get it.


Yes, I called my 86 yo aunt today to chat and see how she is doing (OK, btw). She volunteers in the hospice section of her local nursing home in Washington State. So, I’ve been worried about her.


Thank you. That’s how I meant for this to go. I too know of no one personally but if someone on here has first hand experience, how this person handles it, might help someone else and if that person has no one to help them, who knows, maybe someone in our community is close by and can lend a hand to deliver groceries or something like that.


My mother has this too. I am more concerned about others than myself. My daughter works in primary care and they awaiting results on a patient in her ward. Things are developing rather quickly now and are suddenly much closer to home than a week ago.


I just got caught trying to buy 3 packs of pasta in a supermarket which introduced a 2 pack limit today. I kept the lasagna (dinner party tonight) and had to leave the rigatoni. I’ve let everyone down and brought shame upon my family😞.

So far I haven’t heard of anyone I know personally testing positive. Daughter got tested yesterday after returning from a music festival where there was a case. No result yet. Some friends, colleagues and family are squarely in the at risk groups, so I am concerned about them.


Total shutdown in Denmark a few hours a go. An entire European country in quarantine. I don’t think we are being told (in any country) how serious this is.


The schools in my surrounding California counties shut down effective Monday, March 16th. Stores are in a feeding frenzy for food & supplies. Luckily, I didn’t get caught up in it. I always keep adequate food and paper stores on hand.

I have some heath tools at home. Medithera PEMF mat and an infrared sauna. Viruses don’t like 130F heat. They are getting daily use in an effort to keep the immune system up and ward the virus off.

Be extra careful. This thing could take off and overwhelm the health care system. When that happens you are probably on your own.

Note: the heat from the sauna doesn’t kill a virus, but ups your white blood cell count to fight a virus.


Remember, get enough sleep and try and reduce stress. The second is important and I think I"m going to start an Ambient / Stress Reducer Music Thread in music. For me, at least, the right music can be extremely stress relieving.


Milan, Italy here and… cough by cough we’ll take the whole Roman Empire back :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously now: no one I know got it (… so far! :grimacing:)
we’re all taking extreme care and so should everyone wherever he lives, despite what his Government says :roll_eyes:


The Netherlands here, and I’m feeling at a loose end at the moment. For months now I’ve been leading a workgroup planning two events to celebrate the 75 years since the liberation of the Netherlands.

We were going to have two events in our village hall. On the 3rd April - an evening of drama, song and stories (Freedom Then & Now), with an exhibition of photos, documents, objects, and clothing from 1945 plus drawings, poems, essays from the children in the village school about what Freedom means to them now. On the 4th April: a “Liberation Brunch” with an exhibition of wartime vehicles, and all the children would get a kite and be challenged to draw their symbol of Freedom on it before flying it from the field next to the hall.

Because of Covid-19, all events of more than 100 people are now forbidden in the Netherlands until at least 31 March - and the Village Hall committee decided yesterday to shut the Hall until further notice.

Buggeration. So everything has had to be cancelled, and I have no idea when or even if we can resurrect the events… Still, if it helps to stem the spread, it will be worth it in the end.

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I work on the frontline, so to speak, dealing with patients every day, asthmatic too. If I get I get it, no point stressing. I’m more annoyed by the panic buying of staple foods etc and the fear spread by the internet. If you can protect yourself then do so, unfortunately I cannot


I was really looking forward to the f1 this weekend…all cancelled now till at best May now. My wife was gutted too but we fully understand the scale of things right now. We had a lot of cases early on here in Singapore and are over 200 now but nowhere near the likes of later infected countries like Italy Iran and Korea.

We went though SARS in 2003 so have some experience and while this time it’s far more serious keeping to yourselves and close family is really paramount now.

Everyone is making sacrifices and facing disappointments. But, we’re saving lives.


Exactly and well put.


Up to now nobody I know has it or knows that he/she has it.

Here in Austria schools are closed starting monday next week. I was sent to home office early last week. So all the family is staying at home for the next few weeks.

Most of the holiday hot spots (skiing resorts) are closing down or already have done so. Next week many shops are closing down completely and restaurants are only allowed to open until 3pm. Basically all events are cancelled and a few areas in Austria have been put under quarantine (I am pretty sure there will be more to follow).

The official number of infections is basically doubling every 2 days and the death rate in countries like Italy is very alarming. I hope that all the counter-measures show some effect within the weeks to come.

Though I am far away from panicking I have to admit the whole situation is kinda scary.

All the best to everyone out there. Stay safe and calm and support your family, your neighborhood & the authorities in these troubled times.