Anyone know of a script or app to edit itunes XML file?

I’m successfully importing my playlists from Itunes by copying my itunes XML file into my music directory that lives attached to my rock.

My Itunes library changes periodically. To make it work with roon, I had to edit the path of the music in the XML file to reference where my roon music was. I did this after some trial and error (I have no skills in this)

My question is whether anyone knows of a script/app/workflow that would let me do this easily on my Mac on a regular basis?


Any text editor, just use macos texteditor. Just be careful with the XML formatting when editing.

Thanks; I was able to do it, after much trial and error, with mac’s built in text editor. My question is whether there is a script or an app that will let me automate this.

You can only automate if the path being replaced and the path your replacing it with are or have constants. You could then do an automated script to search and replace one path with another or part of the path with another.

YES! They are indeed constants. One path is my NAS Itunes library; the other, my ROCK attached storage.

But because I am, uh, a simpleton, I don’t know how to write such a script. Any ideas?

Thanks again!

Use Mac’s automator to build it. This requires no programming skills. You should be able to create a workflow easily to do this. Just look it up.

Install sed if it’s available in OSX (I suspect it is):

sed -i ‘s/find/replace/g’ file.xml

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Thanks all.

You should probably read the following as it seems there are slight differences in implementation between Linux and OSX.

You might be able to semi-automate it using search-and-replace and BBEDIT or other grep/regex text editor.

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@Andrew_Webb Thanks; I’ll look into it.

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