Anyone know what's up with

I think the site has been down since Sunday morning (Central European Time). Cloudflare reports time out to the web server, but the host itself seems up

Hello @ogs - I’ve seen the same behaviour. The site briefly came back (for me) earlier this evening, and I had time to see that Rufus had posted to say there were some problems at the hosting ISP. It seems that the symptoms vary widely depending on the region and/or IP address from which you access the site.

Thanks Ian!

Not very good for Cloudflare’s reputation. If their BGP tables (or whatever Cloudflare uses) are screwed up, oh dear!

EDIT: installed the Tor browser and could access devialetchat from that. I do not know where in the world I originated from though. It definitely seems like Cloudflare has some kind of trouble. Surprising…

It wasn’t working for me Saturday or Sunday (I’m in the US) but I was able to cleanly access it again this afternoon. There are comments there indicating that it’s a hosting issue but that the problem seems sporadic and varies geographically. Strange.

There was a tweet posted 8 hours ago that says to expect downtime due to a server change.

The first attempt I did with Tor did not work either. There is a “New Identity” icon in upper right that negotiates a new session. Eventually you’ll get a connection that works.

Thanks, took a couple of “new identities”, but got there in the end. I’m not sure what the problem is, but perhaps a good reason for the site to disable cloudflare.

Update: spoke too soon, host is up and down, cloudflare’s caching sorta masks it.

Yes, same here.
I wonder if ipv4 vs ipv6 is involved here. If one initiates a connection on ipv4 and the answer returns on ipv6 (or vice versa) we may experience trouble if the ‘dual stack’ ipv4+6 is not working correctly somewhere. It will hopefully be resolved soon…

Pesently is working from here (Norway) and is fast and responsive.

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Seems to be good from the UK too.

Just tried it in the U.S. and it’s working for me.