Anyone know what's up with

I think the site has been down since Sunday morning (Central European Time). Cloudflare reports time out to the web server, but the host itself seems up

Hello @ogs - I’ve seen the same behaviour. The site briefly came back (for me) earlier this evening, and I had time to see that Rufus had posted to say there were some problems at the hosting ISP. It seems that the symptoms vary widely depending on the region and/or IP address from which you access the site.

Thanks Ian!

Not very good for Cloudflare’s reputation. If their BGP tables (or whatever Cloudflare uses) are screwed up, oh dear!

EDIT: installed the Tor browser and could access devialetchat from that. I do not know where in the world I originated from though. It definitely seems like Cloudflare has some kind of trouble. Surprising…

It wasn’t working for me Saturday or Sunday (I’m in the US) but I was able to cleanly access it again this afternoon. There are comments there indicating that it’s a hosting issue but that the problem seems sporadic and varies geographically. Strange.

There was a tweet posted 8 hours ago that says to expect downtime due to a server change.

The first attempt I did with Tor did not work either. There is a “New Identity” icon in upper right that negotiates a new session. Eventually you’ll get a connection that works.

Thanks, took a couple of “new identities”, but got there in the end. I’m not sure what the problem is, but perhaps a good reason for the site to disable cloudflare.

Update: spoke too soon, host is up and down, cloudflare’s caching sorta masks it.

Yes, same here.
I wonder if ipv4 vs ipv6 is involved here. If one initiates a connection on ipv4 and the answer returns on ipv6 (or vice versa) we may experience trouble if the ‘dual stack’ ipv4+6 is not working correctly somewhere. It will hopefully be resolved soon…

Pesently is working from here (Norway) and is fast and responsive.

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Seems to be good from the UK too.

Just tried it in the U.S. and it’s working for me.

Hi fellow Devialet owners, assuming the issue is not on my side, does anyone know what’s up with I believe it’s been down since yesterday morning. I’m getting a ‘403 forbidden’ page.

Yes, same here. Some sort of crash I guess. Hope they have a working backup…

Thanks Ogs, I think you’re right considering the ‘Server unable to read htaccess file, denying access to be safe’ error. Indeed, let’s hope some backup can be restored.

Same here, since yesterday.

Yes, same for me since yesterday.

I just tried, and it goes to Shunyata UK :grinning:

What is Guillaume up to ?

It is working now.