Anyone like to comment on this complains?

I have had it with Roon, their lack of support, their user forum, and it’s users…

Anyone like to comment on this complains ?

Well he has just been suspended from this forum for a month, so what do you expect?


I don’t understand the purpose of this thread or the purpose of the thread to which this thread refers.



Well, for starters, his grammar and spelling need work…

I’m not sure what you’re asking here.

Was he being a self-righteous @ssh0le? Yes.

Was he being constructive? Definitely not.

There are ways to comment on how a system could be improved that will get you heard.

B!tching, whining, moaning, saying it’s $h!t and accusing it’s satisfied customers of collusion will get you nowhere, maybe even banned.

It’s pointless, toxic and undermines the efforts of the good people who dedicate their working lives to making Roon the best it can be.

Roon may not be 100% perfect for everyone - show me an operating system/software package that is, but I have zero issues with it. An occasional niggle, sure, but nothing that warrants waging a one man hate campaign against the company and its products.

If you get a Windows update that causes problems for you, do you holler at Bill Gates via every public forum available that it’s cr@p?

Bar the very occasional exception (In 30+ years, I’ve only ever fired one person for this), no one goes to work with the intention of doing a bad job.

Why do some individuals feel it’s justifiable to accuse an organisation of going out if its way to make their life difficult, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth?

We seem to be living in an increasingly toxic world, where behaviour like this is almost accepted as the ‘norm’.

In my view, individuals should conduct themselves online in the same way they expect others to conduct themselves in the real world.

Good manners and decency cost nothing.


All valid observations, but not really addressing the ‘purpose’. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s ok.

We both know the purpose, no matter how sniveling and impotent it might be.

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My understanding is that the person (aka AudioDoctor at Audiophilestyle) was trying to address a problem that seems to be ignored by the Roon moderators, and probably the support team as well.

As I don’t know which tread, and as his posts is deleted, it’s probably a waste to discuss what has been said or not.

What is important is to focus on the possible issues some users experience with high sudden and unexpected process demands and then this behavior causes bad SQ.

These things is explained better in the tread linked to in first post.
A proper answer by support or some official in the Roon team would be nice.

Also it may be a good idea to let him in again, and let him start his own thread about the technical issues he has.

He posted a feature request, not a support request.

His feature request topic is still extant, however, it is now locked and the posts that fell way short of the forum guidelines have been deleted.

Agreed, unfortunately due to bad behaviour the topic had to be heavily moderated and was eventually closed.

The suspension is not permanent, though note support is still available even to suspended members via Roon’s website contact us / email.

For what it’s worth, it’s often the case that reading an account from one perspective does not portray all the history …

In summary I believe this situation is down to a breakdown in communication and members having little empathy towards each other.

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Shouldn’t that other guy be suspended as well ?
Reading his answers and statements, I can understand the other guy with a fair feature request got a bit irritated.

Also I think the tread should be reopened. Several people has similar issues, so it may even be a bug, and not a feature request.

Even my Sonictransporter occasionally behave strange, but I haven’t bother to report it. One reason is it’s hard to prove. But that guy was able to by monitoring the system. (You can’t SSH ROCK or Sonictransporter).

Remember, the Moderator made this tread, based on my comment in another tread.
And this way of doing is quite usual. No big deal.

Having the other tread reopened and allowing the OP to post is probably the “purpose”.

You may also read the tread over at AS.

(■■■■■ I deleted the post by a mistake, not possible to change)

The only comment I have is that ‘over at AS’ is where some people prefer to be. That’s fine of course but in general, dragging rants/arguments from one forum into another is a bit pathetic IMHO.


Well, for starters, his grammar and spelling need work…

Was he being a self-righteous @ssh0le? Yes.

You start with a snide comment because you dislike their opinion…Nice. Perhaps English is not their primary language?

accusing it’s satisfied customers

There’s not supposed to be an apostrophe there. Glass houses and all that.

What the OP over on AudiophileStyle (Hey, Chris!) is essentially referring to are posts just like this one.

Any complaints toward Roon are met with an aggressive defense, wherein someone inevitably talks about how hard it is to develop software, how hard the team works, how well Roon works for them, how “toxic” the complainer is; essentially the other side of the self-righteous coin that the Roon defender is complaining about.

There’s a perception floating out there on other forums that the Roon team has willingly cultivated itself a bit of a cult-like atmosphere, whereby folks with critiques are summarily dismissed and labelled as “toxic”, which, in and of itself, is ironically seen by many as, well…toxic.

In other words, typical internet stuff in 2021.

“Shaking your fist at the clouds” posts like yours are equally as baffling, frankly. As a premium piece of specialized software, price points such as the one at which Roon operates are going to elicit greater levels of both scrutiny & expectation; that’s the nature of the beast.

I also believe your Windows/Bill Gates comparisons are poor.

Roon has, from its earliest days, strived to make the community members a part of the process. This was a conscious decision, initially intended to endear music-lovers in a niche market segment to the product. It was highly effective, and, in many ways, still is, yet, by the same token, you cannot complain when certain corners of that passionate fanbase have criticism which the company, or its other users, may not want to hear.


Indeed. An unexpected consequence of this also the other side.

It goes both ways.

You cannot complain when certain corners of that passionate fanbase criticize the criticizers, which they may not want to hear.

Welcome to the internet.

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I hope the team look into the technical issues addressed :grinning:

I acknowledged this, Danny.

I don’t enjoy writing posts like the one I just did. I allowed myself to get drawn in by the tone of Graeme’s post. That was my mistake. I apologize if I contributed to the toxic atmosphere around here, in any way.

Welcome to the internet in 2021, indeed.

My understanding is that this user was temporarily banned for being a bad egg on the forum.

His technical issue was that Roon was using cpu when not playing because it was improving metadata on the local library or running the graphics engine or something else.

This is how Roon works and it’s not an architecture we are changing.

I’d rather be fixing real issues than chasing ghosts or dealing with noise created about moderation choices on a forum we run.


I hope tread below is about fixing real issues.

It’s address more or less the same things as the banned user tried to get some help with.

I don’t hope this is also the response to @ComputerAudiophile support post.

That issue is a completely different issue.

I don’t know what you are doing here… it seems you are just trying hard to create controversy and connect pieces that don’t deserve connection.

Please stop. While we value many of the people on this community site helping each other, this thing you are doing is not.

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I’m absolutely not.
If the user cases is differently, then it’s my bad, but according to tread over at AS it seems to be same issue to me.

Anyway I think we probably should close this tread. Agree ? I think it has served it purpose. (And I didn’t even create it).