Anyone Noticed Problems With Tidal Lately?

Anyone noticed problems with Tidal lately? I’ve had it for three years now, and up until about a month ago it just worked. Now it’s only showing about the top 20% of my albums, it wants to replay the album I just listened to even though I have repeat off (it doesn’t play, it just spins), it forgets what I’ve just listened to (in the Recently Played section of the Home tab), and now it straight up refuses to add an album to my list.

All this despite (or because of?) updates on an almost daily basis.

I’ve always liked Tidal because of its (IMO) great GUI, but now my student half price discount has run out I’m seriously thinking of switching to Qobuz.

I know, first-world problems, right!? Anyway, everyone stay safe out there, and happy listening!

I had no such problems (for now).

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No issues here… UK based

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Thanks Chris, good to know (I’m UK, too). Also very weird, since my computer isn’t otherwise experiencing any issues. Hopefully it will pass.

Tidal native app on iOS errorfree for me. Yesterday my Roon ROCK did not succeed syncing with Tidal. Roon Server restart from ROCK web GUI was the solution for me.

No problem, but it is still an inferior product compared to Qobuz, that is of course one mans perspective

But you have both?

I did for about a 6 month overlap.