Anyone running roon server on minimal Ubuntu?

Minimal Ubuntu has a 30mb base image which is tiny, and apparently can support all add ons so there should be no issue with dependencies. I just wonder how many additional dependcies there are vs standard Ubuntu server and if this is worth the effort?

Are these the images you refer to – or do you mean something else?

The mini.iso for Bionic Beaver is 64MB in size and installs a minimal server installation semi-automatically. In order to run Roon Server, you’ll need to add CIFS, Alsa and curl (apt install cifs-utils alsa-utils curl). You will also need ffmpeg – if you want to keep things minimal, wget the static build from here, untar the file (tar -xJf ffmpeg*) and copy the static ffmpeg file to /usr/bin). Next – install Roon Server as usual.

I like to use good ole Debian for server installs, since it’s a bit more conservative in updates – but Ubuntu will work just fine.

Just released recently, super lightweight.

Ah… That stuff.

Unless you want to run containerized in a hypervisor like KVM or LXD – no. This is for cloud / virtual deployment – not for running on bare metal.

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