Anyone running Shairport-Sync with Ropieee?

I followed a guide by the author of Shairport-Sync to get the latest SPS installed on Ropieee’s Arch linux distro. The install went fine and I can see the RPi in my Airplay list of my phone. However, when I connect to it and start music it drops the connection immediately. I assume this is something specific to Shairport but I thought I’d ask here if anyone running Ropieee has Shairport-Sync installed so they have BOTH Roon and Airplay support. Anyone?

Ther is a rooieee feature request thread looking at this and raspotify to coexist. Some details to how you did this would be good there if you can.

RoPieee - Feature requests

Edit I see you posted there too…but details of what you did would help if you are treating this as support request with Harry

I now have this working and it is great! Both Roon and Airplay on my RPi with 7 inch touchscreen. All the benefits of Ropieee and I can use my Apple Music subscription for discovery. Will do a new post thread on this but wanted to share here since I had posted earlier asking if anyone had done this.

Happy to answer any questions but the main instructions are here.

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