Anyone successfully streaming Qobuz with RP3 builtin wifi


Just a quick question, I thought I’d sign up to Qobuz to see how much better the 24-bit streams sound, however I deliver my audio to my DAC using Ropiee with a Rasberry Pi 3 with a Hifiberry DIGI+ and the Rasberry Pi built in wifi. This streams Tidal lossless no problem, but seems to struggle with Qobuz streams and eventually gives up. I also noticed it struggles with Tidals MQA streams too.

Has anyone else with a similar setup experienced this or had any success?



Not a Qobuz user but I do have a Pi 3 B+ with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT running RoPieee over WiFi connected to my Sony AVR. Have not noticed any struggles when streaming regardless of the content. I do use Tidal and have over 200 MQA albums in my library and have no problem streaming them with Roon doin the first unfold.

I also own a 24/192 download of Van Morrison’s Moondance album. While it’s stored locally I believe my WiFi will be sending the same amount of data over WiFi to the Pi to play it as it would to play a Qobuz 24/192 track.

I’ve been streaming it for almost 30 minutes with no issues and I’ve also been using Roon’s Display capability to display on a Chromecast Ultra and watching a HD video on a tablet using YouTube with all devices connected to the same 5G WiFi access point.

Seems to me your issue may be with your WiFi and not the Pi.


Thanks Tim for the info, much appreciated. I have a pretty solid setup, Virgin broadband 100mb with a TP-link router in a normal size house so my first thought was the RP3 wifi. I will investigate further and see if I can find the cause of this and update with anything I find.

Thanks again,

Switched over to some MQA content about 30 minutes ago and that has also been streaming with no issues.

I’m in the US and have 150mb service from the Internet Provider From Hell ( Comcast/Xfinity ). Internally my path from my Roon core to the Pi is as follows:

Windows 10 NUC - Gb Ethernet - Cisco SG200 Switch - Gb Ethernet - Netgear Orbi Router - 5G WiFi - Pi 3 B+

I just reread your original post and noticed you wrote Pi 3 not Pi 3 B+. My first exposure to the Pi was with the 3 B+ model ( I now have three ) and while I’m not up on all the improvements in the 3 B+ I think if you have the 3 and not the 3 B+ then you are limited to Wireless N while I can use Wireless AC.

Good luck tracking down what’s causing your streaming issues.


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Ah that could very well be the difference. I have a TP-link dongle that is AC that I might try getting to work with Ropieee, however I didn’t have much luck before with this. Otherwise looks like I might need to upgrade my Pi.


Just to close this thread for anyone else experiencing a similar issue, I upgraded my Pi to a B+ from a standard 3 and it sorted out the streaming issue I was experiencing, so was definitely down to the Pi 3’s slower Wi-fi.

Also upgraded from a hifiberry Digi+ to an Allo DigiOne whilst I was at it, certainly stepped everything up a level! A very worthwhile upgrade.


Glad you got your streaming issues resolved.