Anyone Tried a Khadas Tone Board?

(Paul Butler) #1

Gets great reviews - im tempted

(Paul Hermans) #2

I have one behind a DigiOne Roon endpoint; very pleased for that price.

(Mr Fix It ) #3

I have 2 … very nice but needs to run off USB-2/3/3.1 to USB-C (cable included) can’t use a USB-C - USB-C connection

I can stream DSD512 to my 2 no issues plugged into ROCK, Allo USBridge or RPi with Ropieee

I put one in a 3D printed case … I think there is another thread here on this board

(Paul Butler) #4

Thanks - great info. If you run it off of a RPi is standard power to the Pi enough ?

(Mr Fix It ) #5

I run it USB off of the pi so but I would assume if you run it as a HAT it wouldn’t be any different. That said I run some of my pi’s off of some LMPS options that are often beefier than the typical 2.5A supply.

(Paul Butler) #6

Thanks for the info. I will be running off of the ifi power for Pi which is standard 2.5A and via usb i think rather than a HAT. Will try and see what happens i guess…


To my ears, the Tone Board has an unnatural quality about it. I wish I could explain it better than that, but words fail me. I prefer the Modi 3 for sure.

(Paul Butler) #8

interesting. Modi 3 is twice the price though

(Chris) #9

It is not possible to run the Khadas Tone Board as a PI HAT - it is USB power only, and the 40 Pin Header does not Match the PI.

(Paul Butler) #10

Thanks - i intend to run it usb off of my pi, but good info

(Chris) #11

That works just fine. =)
The 40Pin Header is for connecting to the Khadas VIM, which is their equivalent of a Pi. You should in fact be able to run a generic Roon Linux endpoint on the VIM (has anyone done that?) But with Ropieee being so awesome on the Pi, that seems to be the best way to Roon + KTB happiness.