Anyone Tried a Khadas Tone Board?

Gets great reviews - im tempted

I have one behind a DigiOne Roon endpoint; very pleased for that price.

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I have 2 … very nice but needs to run off USB-2/3/3.1 to USB-C (cable included) can’t use a USB-C - USB-C connection

I can stream DSD512 to my 2 no issues plugged into ROCK, Allo USBridge or RPi with Ropieee

I put one in a 3D printed case … I think there is another thread here on this board

Thanks - great info. If you run it off of a RPi is standard power to the Pi enough ?

I run it USB off of the pi so but I would assume if you run it as a HAT it wouldn’t be any different. That said I run some of my pi’s off of some LMPS options that are often beefier than the typical 2.5A supply.

Thanks for the info. I will be running off of the ifi power for Pi which is standard 2.5A and via usb i think rather than a HAT. Will try and see what happens i guess…

To my ears, the Tone Board has an unnatural quality about it. I wish I could explain it better than that, but words fail me. I prefer the Modi 3 for sure.

interesting. Modi 3 is twice the price though

It is not possible to run the Khadas Tone Board as a PI HAT - it is USB power only, and the 40 Pin Header does not Match the PI.

Thanks - i intend to run it usb off of my pi, but good info

That works just fine. =)
The 40Pin Header is for connecting to the Khadas VIM, which is their equivalent of a Pi. You should in fact be able to run a generic Roon Linux endpoint on the VIM (has anyone done that?) But with Ropieee being so awesome on the Pi, that seems to be the best way to Roon + KTB happiness.

If anyone is interested - i got one. Running off of pi 3b and ropieee via USB and its bloody incredible. Still running it in (3 days) if one believes in that sort of thing. For any other users - fixed volume or device volume ? Upsample or not upsample ? I mean i love it, but of course there is always tinkering to be done . Knocked out for the price. Quite bright, but detailed and images beautifully. Recommended


@Paul_Butler, ditto, pi 3,and KTB (generic) - soon to have a equally priced Atom amp from JDS Labs.


I received the JDS Atom Amp and installed it along with KTB connected to pi+ display as a remote listening post. ~$300 completed. I do enjoy it.

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Sounds good mate. I reckon the KB Generic is the best value DAC on the market

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Hi @Paul_Butler, I came across your post. I was looking at a streamer originally for some new kitchen speakers (Ruark Mr1 Mk2). Obviously, many hours later on the internet, I have arrived at the Khadas tone board. Can you say a little more about your set-up? In terms of your RPI 3b+ are you running ethernet in and then usb out? Do you run USB A to USB C (from the Rpi to the Khadas)? Does that provide the power and the data? Do you have cases for both? Sorry for all the questions!

I wonder if a RPI 4 might be worth thinking about…

Yep - i am running the RPI 3B+ model with Ropiee. Ethernet in, usb out to the Khadas, RCA analog to the amp. I upsample to DSD128. I think the 3B+ can go higher, but the RPI4 may have more grunt in this regard. Word of warning - ditch the supplied USB A to C cable supplied with the Khadas - its rubbish. Audioquest range is cheap and good quality

Power and data through the USB yes (can supply 5v separately to the board but its wires and jumpers - who cares ?). Run my Pi off if an ifi power supply which cleans it up nicely. I cannot recommend the board enough. Needs a decent case, but its easy to make something work.

Im sure there are tweaks a plenty and there is talk of a balanced version coming, but really its as cheap as chips and a really good DAC

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For me, Khadas Tone Board is the best audio purchase. To say it’s good value for the money would be big understatement. It sounds sooo gooood! It’s better than some much more expensive DACs I had home.

Running coax from Allo DigiOne, powered by linear power supply.

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A definite YES answer to OP :slight_smile: I used the generic board piggyback into the back of the 7" display.

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I’ve got a Modi 3 and a Khadas. To my ears the Khadas is slightly better and I am using it as my main DAC. Need both but should have purchased the Khadas first and never looked back.