Anyone updated to 1.8 on Innuos?

I am still waiting. Anyone already updated on innuos? If so, what are your experiences?
Thx in advance.

Updated to 1.8 on a Innuos Mini mk2!
Both iPads, software 14.4 crashed by tapping any function.
What to do?

Updated and works fine on Zenith Mk3 for me.

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Not yet, reading all the posts makes me think I will wait for 1.81 or 1.82 :wink:

Yes- running it on Zen Mk3- so far so good.


Fine on Zenith Mk 3 as Roon core. I updated to latest Innuos software (1.4.7) btw. Also updated iOS Roon software for iPad, as Roon recommends. Seems fine after a few hours at least.
Got some issues with the new Roon library management, but that’s nothing to do with Innuos.

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Updated with no problems on ZenMini Mk3. Same on iPad. So far so good.

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Working fine on Zenith Mk3 as Roon core and iPad. Also using Squeezelight experimental mode. Having A/B’d listened with Experimental vs Roon, I find experimental mode is much more open and dynamic.

Thx for all the replies. Helped me decide to wait. I will also contact innuos and report back here.

Hm, request support in the support forum?

:joy::joy::joy: I accidentally (had to) updated, cause my iOS devices were set to automatic updates. So I figured what the heck and pushed the button.
Everything works fine with my zen mk 3 and iOS devices.

No, not everything. iOS IPad app crashes when touching the settings immediately. :see_no_evil:


Zen Mk3 running Roon Core feeding Naim NDX2 via ethernet.

I updated straight away because of auto update being toggled. iOS and M1 MacBook Air also updated. All with no issues.

Still sounds great from HD and Qobuz. I think it’s a bit snappier in most respects, except for Search. Seems a little random to whether search will be speedy or slow.


Zen Mini Mk2 here - haven’t come across a breaking issue thus far.

Yes Mini MK3 update went fine but as almost everyone in germany IPad crashes and a lot of bugs in Windows 10 app… Tonight I will try to get Build 756 so hopefully it will be better. Due to that I had no time to listen with roon and have no overview. The only thing that I personally feel as a mistake ist the statistik feature. It’s a tool for training or whatever but come on - not for listening to music. I hope I find a buttom to switch it off. It might be fun like on spotify ones in a year to get a “flash back” to see what sort of music was important to you but not daily.

Can you postpone the update?

Mine is forcing me to update the MK3 ? I wanted wait but looks like the client automatically updated in my iPad and I’m not sure how to go back, any ideas?

1.8 installed on Zen Mk 3. What I noticed immediately is that things sounded worse (I was using experimental mode). There was a thinness to the sound, and highs all of a sudden had some glare to them. Lost was the full, robust, and more dimensional sound that was clearly better than ‘regular’ (Roon as core) mode. I’ve done a lot of back and forth between experimental mode and regular ‘core’ mode and I now prefer the regular mode every time. Something happened in 1.8 with the underlying Roon architecture that affected the Squeezebox implementation or something related to experimental mode. The obvious improvement vs regular mode is totally gone.

To note - I use no DSP. Comparisons between the two modes is direct.

No idea, had the same problem.

Fortunately my Innuos Zenith MK3 upgraded without issues. I’m not crazy about the new UI and color scheme, I haven’t run into major issues yet (fingers crossed)

Just checked. Experimental Mode clearly better in every way on my system.