Anyone using a Gold Note DS-10 as a USB DAC?

I just got my DS-10 today and am having some trouble getting it set up properly. I have updated the firmware and the Windows drivers but Roon still won’t automatically identify it over a USB connection. It sees it as a DAC and I can enable it and play files but it won’t play MQA files from Roon or Tidal directly. It does show up in Roon properly under the network connected devices and plays just fine as an endpoint and plays MQA without any issue. I tried a couple different USB cables, different ports, and even a different computer and a Mac and the USB behavior is the same across all of them. Surely it isn’t only Roon Ready as a network endpoint and not as a USB device? I’ve had plenty of Roon Ready devices and they all worked fine over USB or ethernet connection so I’m just surprised if this is the case here. Thanks for any advice (that doesn’t involve their thoughts on MQA) someone may have!

Roon Ready refers to networked machines. USB connected would come under Roon Tested. That is semantics however. If the USB interface is supposed to process MQA then you need to get the settings right. Switch off first unfold in Roon together with any DSP. You need a bit perfect path. And set the MQA capabilities in Roon to Decoder and Renderer. If that doesn’t work post your signal path here so we can take a look.

My Teac DAC does work correctly via its Networked input but does not process MQA via USB and that is expected behaviour.

I’ve got the settings all properly configured from previous set ups (device as d/r, core decoder disabled, no DSP, etc.). I guess I was just surprised that there was gear that didn’t perform it over both connections but it sounds like your TEAC is the same. Thanks for the reply.

I am using mine over USB. Did you make sure you switched your input on the DS-10 to USB? It took a bit to get it right. I tested between the two and USB was more reliable and sounded better, but I’m not using Tidal and have many hires and DSD files on my NAS drive. I’m using a NUC.