Anyone using Roon with MacOS Catalina developer beta?

We’re working on it guys – stand by.

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Hate to say this but we are seeing this time and time again…Why isn’t someone internally responsible for testing near release OS’s on at least GM versions.


I have also this problem with external HDD since updating to Catalina

The last time I mentioned this I was told by by a Roon big wig, I think it was Danny, that there is no point is testing releases prior to GM because things often change near the actual release. To me, that is like saying there is no point in treating a disease since we will eventually die anyway.

It’s not like there are 57 operating systems they need to keep an eye on. If I were in charge of “compatibility” at Roon, I would be testing Roon on any new macOS release from the first developer release onward just to make sure I was on top of things. But hey, that’s just me…


Appreciate that Roon is a smaller player and may not have the resources for compatibility testing as some other bigger fish.

But yeah, finding out that Catalina breaks Roon only after you’ve installed it, and only getting the warning from Roon not to upgrade after Catalina was released, rather than weeks in advance of the final release, is rather disappointing.

There was a Catalina golden master last week (which is 99,9% the same as final version)… Roon devs with a laisser faire attitude?

As a retired IT staffer I’ve always adopted the attitude of waiting a while after a major software release prior to updating. This has paid many dividends in reduced frustration and angst, just be patient and wait a month or so. Then check the internet for known issues with apps that are critical to you.

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Really? $100 a year and that’s your answer!

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I’m running Catalina (released version from yesterday) and not having any issues with Roon. Not sure what’s different for me but I guess I consider myself lucky.

Probably no externally connected music library files…networked shares seem perhaps to be no issue. USB/TB drives etc seem to be the issue.

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Not just niche players like roon.
Adobe says

“You may want to remain on your current version of macOS until these issues have been resolved,” and “strongly recommends that customers do their own testing on a non-production partition to ensure that new operating systems work with their current hardware and drivers (printing, and so forth).”

I am running the release version of Catalina (version 10.15 not a beta) and I have lost access to ALL of my external drives. I don’t have room on my internal SSD to store all my music so I think I’m just dead in the water waiting for Room to release an update that cures the problem

More people with the same problem. Roon Labs, fix it. And inform us!


The solution to this most immediate problem is to simply restore the Time Machine backup made just before upgrading. Backups are silly simple to create and restore completely on a Mac. Oh wait, you didn’t ignore that advice did you?

Sorry this isn’t more constructive but I read all these nearly violent complaints from those that jumped to update on the day the OS was released but didn’t heed Apple’s warning about backup…and other warning like 32-bits apps no longer working at all.

Wow, I say wow.

I presume none of you work daily in the IT space that is almost all cloud-hosted and have release cycles of every few weeks if not days…adapting to this new paradigm is incumbent on those that want to remain as stress-free as practical. Read release notes, read forums of the software you care about, stay on top of the information or suffer the consequences


Do you work for Roon? I’ve seen that you posted more or less identical messages for everything related to the Mac Catalina issues?

Your sarcasm isn’t helpful.

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Nope, just a lifetime customer. I can be sarcastic from time to time but it seems most dug the hole for themselves and may have forgotten about the backup that is restorable.

For full blown os updates I always clone before starting. And a time machine check thing are current too. I turn off auto updates on all my machines. Same thing with clients systems…it’s critical to do these steps.