Anyway to print my list of albums from Roon?

I am selling bulk of my cds as all are on my server. I want to generate lists of my 1600 cds so I can try to sell them. I have 2 sets of copies on external storage drives. ty

From a Mac or Windows Roon control point, you can export a listing as an Excel file and then format and print from there.

the export menu appears only on indivdual tracks. I actually wont to generate a list of my Entire collection not one by one. Is there a way??

From that link:

First, select what you want to export (right-click or touch and hold),

You want all albums, so look at the top left of screen and click “Select All”

then press Export from the “three dots” menu

Only 3 dot options are-add to playlist or tag, share or edit only options on my ipad r -add to playlist, add to tap, share or edit … No export option.

Hi @Nicholas_Hyde

“Mac or Windows Roon control point”, not iPad, sorry.