Anyway to show both Tidal and local library versions of CD?

Hello, I searched but couldn’t find an answer. Once I rip a CD and Roon finds it in my local library (Synology NAS), the album disappears from the list of the artists albums in Tidal. I am interested in listening to both versions and comparing as the Tidal recording may not be the same as my CD.
Specifically, I have a CD of Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” released as part of the four disc Experience Collection in 1997. It was remastered and I have no idea what the Tidal recording source is.
I have many other recordings with the same situation.

I may be missing the point of your problem, but for me on clicking on the album, Roon displays it and underneath the header block there are clickable options, Tracks ; Credits ; Versions.

Click Versions and they are all (Local library and all Tidal versions) listed (scroll down).

Thanks, I managed to find the same thing myself a couple minutes ago.