API Request: Ability to clear queue

We’ve started using the Roon API for automated testing and it’s been a godsend. For our use case most of the required features are there, but one that would be useful is the ability to clear the queue backlog (played and skipped tracks).

Some of these tests involve exercising track transitions so we’re using short playback intervals on tests that run for long periods of time. This can result in thousands of tracks in the queue backlog just for a single run. Given that there have been performance implications in having such a large backlog it would be nice to have our API scripts be able to clear the queue completely before starting the test. It’s also useful to be able to quickly scroll back to see what happened during the test (specifically looking for tracks that were skipped that shouldn’t have been).

Obviously not a high-priority or high-use item, but I wanted to throw it out there.


More generally, I don’t see an obvious way to ‘browse’ the now playing and queue related actions - ie those you get when you click on the currently playing item, or the queue button next to it.

If that is available / could be made available, then perhaps the clear queue action would be present when ‘browsing’ the queue an a similar manner to play, queue action etc for tracks, albums etc.

Maybe this already exists via the browse api and we just need to know a different starting entry point / mode instead of hierarchy: ‘browse’? Does there exist other valid values for the hierarchy option property perhaps, or other option properties?