Apodization analysis

Hi @jussi_laako ,

I noticed in the notes about Desktop 4.12 you mentioned improved apodization analysis. I understand that relates to noise shifting performed by a number of filters. Do you expect the improvement to affect sound quality in the apodizing filters or is it more of an efficiency improvement ? Which ones are likely to benefit the most ?

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No, that analysis is run on source content to indicate need for apodizing filter. As such it is just an indicator to tell you when you need apodizing filter to correctly reconstruct the source content. If it stays at 0, you don’t necessarily need to use apodizing filter, but there’s no harm at all still using such.

So the sound quality improvement is only through your choice of filter based on the provided information.

It is counter to indicate how many times HQPlayer has detected certain types of distortion inducing errors in the source content. Latest improvements make it more accurate and reliable.