Apology Post after COVID Wakeup

I have posted many negative posts over the years. Most do to my anger with not understanding ROON. I failed to respect the community and treated moderators/support/techs horribly. Especially @dylan who answered every complaint with dignity and compassion.

The ROON Community reached out to me on numerous occasions and I took it for granted.

I am truly sorry for my behavior.



Hey, George! ‘Misconduct’ is one thing. But recognising where you may have approached ‘Misconduct’ on the forum is another…

Ultimate respect to you, for where/when you feel that you may have ‘fallen short’. And yet again for acknowledging that on the forum. Truth-be-told, we do all fall-short sometimes. But it takes courage to admit that.

And welcome back to the forum! :grinning:


Good on you George. It’s hard not to give in to the red mist sometimes. Well done to you George and the Roon team.


Lol, salvation can be so liberating. But honestly, I don’t think the internet noticed.


Welcome back to the forums, George!

It’s very kind of you to reach out and apologize like this. It’s not an easy thing to do, so thank you :slight_smile:

As always you can feel free to reach out to us any time, our team is always glad to help however we can.


Thanks Robert :pray:t4:

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Don’t see posts like this on the” Interweb” very often.


Huge respect to you George


Hi George. In my part of the world we talk about making amends as an essential part of life. For my part I rarely go through a day without needing to make amends for something. With my staff its often over things they didn’t even feel needed an amends. I does take courage but the payoff is 100 times the cost of never shifting. My guess is that Ive probably posted this in the incorrect place.


You have my admiration. Such an awakening is all too rare. Even harder to admit publicly. Today you’ve made the world a better place. Chapeau!



Welcome back George and congratulations on making amends!

As part of the community I definitely appreciate when Roonies are providing feedback (good & bad) in a respectful and positive approach back to Roon.

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Well done.

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Good one… :+1:

That’s very thoughtful!

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That’s just awesome!

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Great to admit your past ‘mistakes’ and liberating too.
I can’t help to wonder what made you come to this insight?

It takes a big man to admit his failings. Respect!

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@Roland_van_Beurden I appreciate the kind words. I am happy to address what prompted the post. Hate is running ramped across the planet. In the state in which I live, I see an ever-growing division between people mostly (IMO) fueled by social media. I had a Roon-related question and was preparing a post when I read my previous posts and I shared my feelings.(Post COVID)


Hay George,

I personally don’t see an issue. You are not the only individual that has been frustrated with the Roon development.
The majority of folk are here to help / assist in what ever way they can… and not to forget the support team, that often come to the rescue.

Think of it this way… I defy you to find better, even with some ongoing irettations, which are getting less and less.

Roon has made me angry and extremely happy :blush: all on the same day. SO…



I’ve’ flamed people on the internet twice. And both times I apologised straight away, because it said more about me than them (regardless of the subjet). Felt good.

So nice one George, ditto Dylan.

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