App 102 Update still not in store [Solved]

Boy are they slow at the App Store.2 weeks still no update.

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Yep, but at least we know the punctuation and kerning will be done right as per the Apple Book of Apps.

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I’m sure it will make all the difference to our browsing and listening pleasure…. :wink:

Rumor has it this will be a true Golden Ear build with unprecedented SQ.

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Yeah, the problem with those ‘awesome releases’ is that people crave to keep it exclusive as long as possible.
Those Apple reviewers must be closet Roon fanatics trying to keep the magic to themselves as long as possible.

Wow coming up on three weeks and still no 102 app update.By the time apple approves the app update Roon will be out with a new build.

What difference will I notice when the iPad app is released apart from disappearing bookmarks?


Update is a available in the App Store.