App crash saving share to camera roll[Fixed in Build 320]

Not a biggie, but iOS app on iPad mini crashes every time I attempt to share artist/album pic and info to the camera roll. Not tried sharing to Facebook as I don’t like it!
Running latest Roon 1.4 on ROCK nuc and latest iOS app on iOS 11.

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  1. View Album
  2. Click 3 dots menu
  3. Select Share
  4. Save to camera roll
  5. Roon app crashes

iPad Air 2 iOS 11.2

Seems to work when you Get Sharable Link and post to Twitter. Did not try Facebook.


Cheers, Greg

Thanks for the report, we’ll take a look!

Same here on my iPad. iOS 11.2.1

Thanks for your reports, @Paula_Dickerson, @olchon. The ticket was put in for our dev team.


Same here on my 2017 ipad

Adding my vote to fix this issue… @mike any update? Thanks!

We still have a ticket open on this – I don’t have a time frame for a fix, but we are tracking the issue and we will get to it.

I’ve fixed this for the next release.

However, I have no schedule for that release.

Still not fixed :worried:

You’re crashing with Build 320?

Installed build 320 and it works well, thanks!

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