App crashes on import of files to organised folder[Solved]

Hi there, I have a Macbook Pro running El Capitan i7 16GB RAM with a Roon organised folder on a USB3 HD. Drive works fine but when I drag files onto the Roon icon in the Dock, about 1/3 of the time it’ll import them and 2/3 of the time it crashes.

Seems to be with larger files (24/192 etc) oddly.

The Roon build is the latest ‘stable’ one - 1.2.

Added to that I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is there any other way of importing music into a Roon ecosystem? I have files all over my Mac and the idea of Roon managing it works for me but the import seems hard work.

  2. If I try copying music into a organised folder, it aborts before the process is complete because Roon starts moving stuff around before it’s finished. Is there any other way to do it that doesn’t cause Roon or Finder to crash?

Beyond these hiccups the app is awesome! Support for Deezer Elite would be great if you get a spare few days… :slight_smile:

Thanks - John

I’m not sure what your problem could be…but the best advice in general would be to use a “Watched” folder with Roon, rather than a Managed folder

Would suggest that you put your Albums folders into a new Folder on your USB drive…and then point Roon at that folder using the “Watched” folder option

Hi @John_Merritt@Ronnie is right and my recommendation as well would be to point Roon at your files using a Watched Folder. This will be a lot more straight forward than copying files into Roon.

More info here:
[Roon Knowledge Base FAQ: How do I import_music?]

@mike @Ronnie I’ve settled for a watched folder and it works great. Thanks for your help.

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Glad to hear it’s working well…Enjoy it :smile: