App crashing on iOS

Every time I click on the Roon app it crashes immediately and closes. I have updated all operating systems. This happens on iPads and iPhone. Roon Nucleus is updated and working.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled.

Any ideas?

Are you sure that your Nucleus has the latest version for “Operating System”. There were a lot of these issues with remote crashes recently when it somehow was not up to date.

Check the admin page on http://nucleus, which build number do you have under “Operating System”?

Thank you - that’s worked. I mistakenly thought updates were automatic.

That depends in principle on the configuration in Settings > About:

However, recently there were many cases where somehow the Core had not updated. I don’t know if this was because it was set to “Ask” and the update was never confirmed, or if it got stuck for other reasons. Normally this is not a huge issue so apparently went unnoticed. But now with the recent updates for remotes they started crashing immediately when the Core was out of date.

Roon is working on that.

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