App frequently freezing and crashing

Since Roon 1.8 was released, I have been having a significant problem that I did not suffer in earlier version. Nor does this happen when using my Tidal or other music apps directly on my iPhone and iPad. Basically I’m able to connect with Roon and usually start playing without problem my first choice in music. But when I want to browse to another song or album, the screen shows that new song or album connected and I even usually get that little moving icon on the left showing music is playing, but in fact no music is being played and it appears that the app has really froze. Then I need to exit the app and re-enter the app upon which I’m usually back on the same song, but now it’s playing. The bottom line is that in an evening of listening to different albums on Roon, I find myself exiting and re-entering the app a couple of dozen times. Maddening. I don’t think it’s my internet connection, because as I mentioned I don’t have this problem when using Tidal or other music apps. Solution?

Maybe detail your network configuration so that people can comment.

Roon cannot be compared with other apps due to the amount of data being transferred to the remote device .

Most Roon issues boil down to Network issues.