App not rendering properly in IOS 14.2

Left side of screen blinks black and rest of screen distorts. Still functional when I restart. What’s going on. Don’t think it’s me. Happens on two iPads.

@support Same here, have to kill the app for it to work again.

What iPads?

I. Have a new iPad Pro 12.9on iOS 14.2 and don’t see what you described in either landscape or portrait

It may be a pixel count issue on smaller ipads

I’m running an 11" Pro, seems more like a memory leak issue, you can use it for a good while then you suffer screen corruption.

I’m running an 11” Pro. It’s not giving me the exact same rendering issue, but it is now noticeably freezing frequently, requiring force quit / restart. Occasionally it seems to freeze with a partly painted screen, but to my layman’s eyes it seems like that’s a subset of the freezing.

I’m having an issue on iOS (iPhone) where the app will consistently crash/exit after about 20 seconds. A full restart of the iPhone usually fixes it, but sometimes it comes back.

Hi @Mark_Laufer,

Just so we can confirm, can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing? Does closing and reopening the app resolve this?

Lots of problems using apple devices as remotes with Roon Core. I once again had to restart my Innuos
Zen Mini Server,delete athe app on my iphone and then things worked again without crashing or stalling.

Im sure after another week the problem will resurface again,

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