App seems to go asleep

Hi, I am a new user and have noticed that while listening to music and, say, reading a PDF on my tablet, when I switch back to Roon, it doesn’t take me back to where i left it.

Instead it has to look for the core again and seems to have to ‘wake up’ from a slumber.

Is there a setting I can change to remedy this?

I run the core on a Nucleus rev b, so it’s not a PC problem. Could it be the Android tablet Galaxy Tab 2?

Hi Leo it’s a common complaint as both on Android and iOS Roon gets swapped out of memory and closed.

On an ipad there is nothing you can do about it, besides maybe closing all other sessions down and keeping Roon running.
On Android some systems let you lock apps in memory which helps


Thanks, Mike. That explains it. I don’t seem to have that option on my tablet.