Apparent MQA dropouts

I wonder why my TEAC NT 505 seems to indicate on its display that MQA is dropping out. Still plays and sounds good just the MQA icon sporadically goes off and on. Looking at the blue star pathway on computer the MQA part of the pathway cuts out in synchrony. If I pair the TEAC with my NAD M10 AND PLAY THE SAME music at the same time the M10 MQA pathway light stays on…weird. I think this has only been happening for a few weeks…

You’re referring to playback of Tidal using Roon, not via their respective native apps and not local files, right?

Which artist / album / track ?

What are the MQA Capabilities setting of NT-505 and M10?

Are you playing them each as a single zone, not grouped with anything else?

Thank you for your reply .Yes when playing with ROON.

I just grouped them to test if it was the track or the machine. They are both set up as Decoder and Renderer.

The NT 505 is on System Firmware 1.22 [ not quite the latest] and 11.6c networking software. Seems OK today, it was an intermittent fault I just noticed occasionally, the music sounds good it is just that under the ROON name on the TEAC front panel the MQA logo flashes on and off…and I noticed that the Blue light in ROON does in time with it…might just not be talking to each other when they are in a bad mood :slight_smile:

Hey life without it’s little problems wouldn’t be life…it was fine this morning but just looked again and MQA full decoder part of Signal Pathway is flashing in and out on ROON screen.

I think it happens when there is a mix of MQA and non MQA albums…

For NT-505, MQA Capabilities setting is best set to Renderer Only. In case the firmware you have on M10 does not function as Renderer properly, then set NT-505 to have Clock Master Priority if you need to leave NT-505 as Decoder and Renderer.

MQA indication must be turned off for non-MQA albums. I assume we are talking about MQA tracks only, otherwise this does not make sense.

Thank you so much. I was unaware of the clock settings. Cool.