Apple lossless sampling rate switcher

Just found this free app on the Darko webite .It will auto switch sampling rates when you play apple music . No more attaching ios devices to you mac . I don’t know how well it works but here it is:


Well he hasn’t tested on M1 macs , I did and it doesn’t work . Now I’ll try an intel Mac .

Ok I found the issue . I use Sound Source on my macs . I had to change computer output to my dac and Apple Music . Just changing to Apple Music only would not get the dac to change sampling rates .
There is a slightly low noise when changing rates.

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Lol it works

cc @Marco_Klobas

It’s pretty brute force, but it works – sort of. Because it is constantly sniffing for bitrate changes so it can adjust output settings on the fly, it eats up your laptop’s battery. That – and there’s an annoying, audible delay whenever the bitrate does change.

But hey – progress. :smiley:


Not sure why this starts at the correct sample rate, then goes up to PCM192kHz with this losslessswitcher app

I was playing an Apple radio station and I noticed sometimes that Apple Music showed 24/48 but my dac showed 24/44 . And the reverse happened too ,
An sampling switcher like this can be really valuable when playing radio and playlists though I think Apple radio tops out at 24/48 .

Some little bugs on first release.

Still waiting for a proper solution from Apple though. Bit perfect hi-res Airplay ! Call it Airplay 3 or whatever.

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Well I’m a little shocked that Apple hasn’t changed the Mac software to auto switch sampling rates yet.

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Just downloaded and installed. Fair play to the kid who wrote it. I see he as a request to sort the Bit Depth switch too, fingers crossed.


I get sample rates switching mid track with his app.

I’ll let him know.

Too many bugs for now to a main thing for me, but people should let him know so he can improve it.

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I haven’t seen that yet . Anyway , it’s nice to see someone looking to make Apple Music on a Mac auto switch sampling rates .

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It is a great first release. But I’m getting rates changing mid track and some tracks showing wrong rates. Hoping wrinkles will get ironed out soon.

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I am getting some dropouts during a song

Make sure to contact the dev, so he knows!

If nobody reports it, no reason to expect any improvements if he doesn’t know

The BitPerfect app used to do a fine job. I haven’t used it for 5 years since moving away from Apple Music/iTunes and switching to Roon/Qobuz so I’m not sure if it’s still supported.

BitPerfect app never worked with Apple Music streaming (DRM).

This app is designed to work with Apple Music streaming.