Apple MacOS Lineage

You meant to say that the MIni is running a type of Linux, i.e. a fork of Linux, right? :grinning:

If you talk to Apple support they don’t like to admit that their vaunted macOS is, under the skin, a ripped off Linux OS.

To be pedantic, it’s actually derived from Mach OS (kernel) and NetBSD. Both were based on BSD UNIX. :smile:


Because it’s not. The kernel is based on a sort of common ancestor, but Linux and macOS have both done enormous amounts of work on top of that and are different in many ways. Plus, an operating system is way more than just the kernel.

Calling macOS “a type of Linux” is not correct, and in no way is it a fork.

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No, it’s actually running Ubuntu. The machine is too old for Apple updates, so I put Ubuntu on it instead.

Right. MacOS is the descendant of NeXTSTEP, which in turn was based on Mach and BSD.

No, it is not. Not even close. The genesis of macOS is NEXTStep and macOS is based on XNU which is Mach-based. Some FreeBSD elements have been added by Apple. Linux is a reimagination of AT&T System V Unix.

Bourne shells and all that malarkey

@xxx I wish I’d kept my mouth shut.

No, an OS is its kernel, all else is just GUI , but whatever.

So am I, but the results would have been the same .:grinning:

No matter how you cut it, macOS is derivative. whether it’s the son or grandson of Unix/Linux.
It isn’t, as Cupertino would have it, an original vision.

Apologies to the Apple fan boys, didn’t mean to question Apple’s propaganda.

Since (or if)

it should read the OS part of the package marketed as macOS

One could discuss if the OS is just the kernel. But why? :roll_eyes:

What’s an original vision, anyway? :sunglasses:

Really, why any of this? You took the time to respond, why? :roll_eyes:

Maybe it’s a matter of opinion what’s part of an operating system and what not? And therefore I thought discussing it is not such a good idea.