Apple making cross platform development more difficult

Starting to reject apps built with Electrum. Not sure if this impacts Roon, @danny

I don’t know - it is slightly dangerous to ascribe better enforcement of long-standing App Store policies on use of hidden APIs to be an attempt to kill “Web Technology”. It might be, but it could also just be that Apple wants Electron to play by the same rules as everyone else. I totally understand the pain for developers who use Electron and need its developers to make the fixes to stay compliant, but surely Electron should shoulder some blame for using APIs that it knew would cause issues if discovered.

As I understand it, Roon uses Microsoft’s Xamarin - which does manage to work within the App Store policies. So we shouldn’t need to worry about this impacting Roon.


Good points… but to go many years without enforcing it has allowed investment into their platform. Sounds like they hide some important functions in private API

I know - there have been cases in the past of Apple apps using “private” APIs that wouldn’t be allowed for other apps. That annoys me. If it is a useful API for your own apps, why not make it public?

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it does not.

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