Apple Music and/or Spotify as Roon sources

I’ve seen discussion about these services floating around here but no straight answer, so I’m making a thread to directly address the question.

Will Roon be integrating with Apple Music and/or Spotify, and if so, when? If not, why?


Regarding Spotify, there have been many clear answers on the topic. The answer is: even though they want it, they are not allowed to.

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Thank you! I had not seen that thread. I suppose that leaves Apple Music unaccounted for. Can we get a similar statement?

Apple Music have said in the past they don’t have a third party API available. They have worked with Sonos as an exception but it seems very unlikely especially given how they treat the rest of their ecosystem (walled garden approach).

I have seen AM discussed in similar threads to the above and the answer seems to be no.

This is true. As of right now, there isn’t a third party API for Apple Music. The only access for third party devices is with Airplay, but that requires an Apple devices to initiate the streaming. Of course, anything is possible and with WWDC coming up shortly, maybe Apple could open this up, especially since they are under anti-trust scrutiny in this very space. But right now, unless Roon knows something we don’t, the answer is no, much like Amazon Music.

Amazon Music HD is supported on BluOS devices…

So this is a different case to Apple Music.

It’s a really crap 3rd party integration though but it exists…


I do not expect Apple to go Roon. Let‘s not forget we are a very niche community. However, I do expect Tidal and Qobuz to drop prices significantly.


Tidal really have no choice being by far the most expensive but who knows they claim to be for the artists and this would go against that with reduced revenue coming in. They don’t have the big reserves Apple and Amazon has to do this price warm I would be surprised Spotfiy can either.

In my opinion it’s about time that standard studio quality doesn’t cost extra. I don’t mind paying extra for highres streaming though, as it adds additional work and cost for highres capable hardware and software for the studios.


I agree with 909. We are a very specialized community and we are passionate about music and sound in CAPITAL LETTERS. That’s why we’re from Roon.


However, Tidal and Qobuz I think they will have to move urgently, otherwise they will lose many subscribers.


BluOS integrates pretty much everything but Apple Music and is probably one of the most reliable apps I am using. Not sure what you consider crap about it.

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It’s a dog’s dinner of an app due to each services API delivering and allowing different things. Each service has a different interface and different functionality and it all feels disjointed and bolted on. I had a node 2 and never used their app due to this as it’s was not a pleasant experience nor very WAF.

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I have to say that Apple is moving with great speed to hammer Spotify.

Get the popcorn :popcorn: ready.


And if Tidal and/or Qobuz face trouble in the near future, we may face a real problem when it comes to enhancing our local libraries with streaming music. My library is currently about 50% local and 50% Tidal& Qobuz.

Can’t help but be worried that, as enthusiasts, we will once again be left with no options at the expense of the lowest common denominator.

Atmos may finally bring us beyond stereo, but I worry that the Spotifys and Apples of the world will try desperately to keep us in their UIs so they can remarket to us, gather telemetry data, etc.

I love having my mixed local+streaming library with all the quality assurances and content information and technical capabilities that Roon has to offer as an aggregator of music. I really hope this doesn’t actually hurt us in the long run. I couldn’t stand to lose it . :slight_smile:

If Apple’s announcement just brings lossless, hig-res, and immersive audio more to the forefront and lowers prices, that’s great! I hope the longer-term effects aren’t less choice.


Maybe it is my musical tastes showing, but I would love integration with Bandcamp to help augment the experience more so that Apple. I buy a good deal on there and if it can integrate with Sonos, what is holding it back with Roon?


I specifically wrote the Amazon Music HD integration is crap.

Have you used it ? It is limited by the API , not a fault of Bluesound.

In general I’m a fan of how BluOS has developed over the years.

Since my Bluesound Node 2i features Airplay 2 then Apple Music works nicely.


Upgrade: Sonos and Tesla AND Bose are the Three big exceptions…nothing is forever

In the end, the consumer wins with more choices. (If only those choices could all be in Roon!)

The other streaming services are going to have to lower their prices to be able to compete with Apple.

Or, provide more high res. albums than Apple if perhaps they want to charge more.

I hope Apple announces at WWDC that they will have an API, as having lossless files available in Roon library from Apple will help me save sooo much $$$ each month.