Apple Music Downloaded Songs and Playlists

I’m a bit of a newbie with Roon, and so far loving the experience.

I know that Apple Music isn’t exactly supported, and not upto the quality that some of you are seeking, but it is my music service of choice, and i wish to continue with it rather than go through the pain of changing.

So, although Apple Music isn’t supported, iTunes libraries are, so while I don’t expect Apple Music playlists and Cloud Stredd files to be integrated I would expect that songs and playlists I download from apple Music into my iTunes library and store on my computer would be, in the same way that iTunes purchases are.

However this does not seem to be the case…am I doing something stupid ? is this a DRM issue ? is there any way around it ?

better still is Apple Music integration something likely to happen soon ?

DRM issues. Downloaded tracks from apple music are only available to apple apps.

The way around it is to buy the songs you want to play outside of iTunes (in the iTunes Store).

It kinda defeats the purpose of a streaming music provider, but it is what I do as well. Another reason to do so is that whenever you decide to quit your subscription (as I did last week), you own the songs you really love.

Thanks for the replies, I’ve taken the plunge and got a Tidal subscription now. Very happy.

Ok, so now I have a further problem.

I have a pretty large iTunes library of around 90,000 tracks. From these tracks I have around 30 playlists for different moods, different genres etc.

The tracks and playlists have imported to Roon just fine, however I also have around 30 Apple Music Playlists, these are in general empty within Roon, and I would like to delete them from Roon as there is some duplication with the Tidal playlists I have. However I don’t want to delete all of the playlists such as 'Best of the Week’as I use them in the car and I find them superior to the Tidal equivalent.

Is there a way of removing individual playlists from Roon without deleting them from iTunes ?