Apple Music High Res

Recall Bluesound Nodes couldn’t get the Airplay 1 to 2 update… needed to buy new model Nodes… Lots of other companies went through that too.

Not a big deal really.

I expect same for Airplay 3 or whatever its called.

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I agree with @wklie explanations earlier in the thread. This is probably a design choice by Apple, not a bug.

A design choice for current hardware.

This is not directed at anyone here: I don’t think anyone thinking logically would really believe that Airplay as it is today, is how it will be forever. Especially with the arrival of hi-res lossless only 4 months ago.


Yes. And a specific AirPlay2 design goal, as explained in a WWDC a few years ago, was to allow you to take out the trash (leave the WiFi network for several minutes) without interrupting music playback. This is called Enhanced Buffering, i.e. lossy AAC.

The fact that it behaves the same after multiple updates reinforce my guess this is a feature, not a bug.


Well that’s disappointing. What good is AirPlay 2 then in playing lossless ? I guess it’s not . That sucks .


Airplay 2 came out years ago.

Apple Music Hi-res lossless only 4 months ago (just to beat Spotify to the punch really - rushed).

Expect it to catchup next year.

But that means I’ll have to buy new hardware right ?

See this just few posts above:

We’ve been through this before (when Airplay 2 came out).

Or buy used streamers that are airplay 1 ,an older protocol . Seems silly and I love Apple products .

So why can’t Apple come up with a Spotify Connect feature that allows you to connect to their servers and play hi res using the phone only as a remote.? You wouldn’t need new hardware then .if
Apple really wants more subscribers to move from Spotify to them this feature is a requirement.


Be patient - probably some good things coming next year!

As explained above, Apple Music Hi-res was clearly rushed to just beat Spotify (and Amazon Music HD who were only in 4 countries at that time - few more now).

Now we need Airplay to catchup.

As I wrote:

We’ve got yellow HomePods mini now. And orange. And blue!

Can’t complain.


I thought that, but glad you wrote it instead.
What a way to kick off a major announcement :grin:


It’s ironic that the Tortoise (Spotify) and the Hare ( Apple) may indeed play out here with Spotify being the first to have hi-res lossless through their Spotify Connect system , beating Apple’s lossy Airplay 2 streaming to the finish line .

And I’m not a huge fan of Spotify’s lack of communication with their customers and their extremely slow method of making positive changes to their music service.

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Spotify HiFI will be CD quality (initially anyway - may change later).

But yes will be lossless with Connect. Better than Apple in that regard.

Initially! Things will change with all these playaz over time

Strap yourself in for a fun and bumpy ride over the next 1-2 years



I think that what has been said here about Apple jumping in with a half baked version to beat Spotify is true.
I can imagine a scenario where Spotify leaked that they were about to launch just to get Apple to make the first move (pure speculation but a fun thought).

It has taken way longer than expected for Spotify to get to this point but I imagine all will be forgiven if they get it right.
Apple has a lot of work to do to regain the position they previously held, and Spotify did nothing to gain this benefit, besides doing nothing publicly.

I’m sure @wklie could tell us more, but I’m also sure we all prefer to have him on the forum’s with us.


Apple don’t give a toss about audiophiles or hi-res, so stop with the make-a-wish campaign and please keep supporting Qobuz/Tidal and Roon. Apple only cares about their own hardware, and as long as it sounds ‘good’ to them and works on their kit, it doesn’t matter if the software promises audiophiles a rose garden or not. They just don’t care. So keep holding your breath on this one. I’m a big user of Apple hardware (Mini M1, iPod, MacBook, etc) but not a fan of their overall walled garden, ‘lifestyle’ roadmap.



Nobody is holding breath? So many wrong assumptions.

It’s just friendly discussion. Relax. You sound like a grumpy old man here.

In the mean time, I’m very much enjoying the music !



Well I wasn’t holding my breath but there was the assumption that maybe because of the quick release they didn’t implement lossless with Airplay 2 but it would be fixed in subsequent releases. However, even playing around with Airplay 2, I didn’t like how you can’t hand off from iPhone to iPad like you can with Spotify Connect. So now I’m holding my breath that Spotify not only releases Hifi before the end of year as promised but it’s actually lossless.

Just out of curiosity, have you used / do you use spotify at the moment?

I see a lot of people holding spotify as the chosen one of streaming and yet every other line of recommendations for me are podcasts. Podcasts which i have never played in spotify (why in gods name would i open a music app to listen to a podcast).

I would rather use Tidal and Apple Music over spotify.

Counter question, can anyone in this world do a better job of making automated recommendations for music that is shockingly well suited to their own musical tastes? With 400,000,000 customers and trillions of streams, the databases simply have more input for the bought-in science of the companies EchoNest, Niland & Co. This is where Apple’s first strategic mistakes lay, and now you’ve let yourself be lured into a fake hi-res as well. Billions of iPhones run with competitor products, that was different with the iPod under Steve Jobs!

Four attempts with iTunes / Apple Music have already failed for me.

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