Apple music (!not iTunes!) playlist issue

I read all this support info about files and xml in iTunes, but it does not appear to be applicable to the newer MUSIC version that replaces iTunes. I can not figure out where my MUSIC playlists are and why their not in Roon. The songs and albums are there, but no playlists… Does any one know what’s up here…? I search for “iTunes” on my Mac, and no file names or folders show up…

The naming convention for Apple “MUSIC” vs “ITunes” doesn’t appear to be the same…

Hi @James_Mauger,

Roon should also work with the newer Music app. You’ll need to export your library to an XML file. That file will need to be in the same location as your Music media, and that folder needs to be watched by Roon. Once you’ve done this the playlists should import.

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Thanks, I did this and it didnt take…
I thought it would refresh, I did a rescan too.

So I rebooted my whole Mac mini server and it worked !!!

I’m a newb, only setup last week. It said it was updating software on restart.

Btw, is that how/when it checks for Roon updates?


Hi @James_Mauger — I’m glad that worked for you!

You can adjust Roon’s update settings by going to Settings > About. You can read more about this in our KB:

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