Apple Music SQ vs Roon/ Qobuz

I have further listened to both Apple and Qobuz utilizing quadruple blind testing with multiple fireball
shots with my son. We have both concluded that the music sounds much better after the 4th shot than it does the first shot.
I hope this helps those still on the fence about the best audio quality.

Oh Apple Wins on Apple devices and loses on everything else.


same here, just 100 pcs lt 3045 can do the job very well!!!

And this is why I value Roon so much. I use the PEQ functions to equalize each of my headphones and the convolution functions to perform room equalization. Glad you figured out what was causing the significant difference in sound. I tend to be a bit skeptical of major audible differences in a signal path that is supposed to be bit perfect. Usually something unexpected in the signal path like volume leveling, EQ, or sampling rates.