Apple Music to Roon workflow


I want to understand what workflows people are using that use Apple Music and also Roon.
I have AM for mobile and CarPlay and I’m building my Roon library using local files on my NAS plus Roon with Qobuz.

So far I’ve sync’d my AM artist and playlist to Qobuz using Soundiiz.
I’m not sure if I also need to sync albums or will that cause duplication?

Can anyone who manages both to stay in sync confirm what workflow they are using?
I can’t say I’m fully up to speed with every aspect of Roon and its management.
I did notice in Qobuz I seem to need at least one album per artist.

Is it better in Qobuz to favourite the artist and album where I don’t own the album but have it in AM?

Many Thanks Phil

I use SongShift to sync Apple Music from Tidal and Qobuz, but it’s painfully slow. I sync albums only and don’t use playlist. I think most people would say use Soundiiz.