Apple MusicKit and Roon

I am a very happy and loyal Tidal and Roon user and really have no desire to change to any other service especially since Tidal offers lossless and MQA. I was watching the Apple worldwide developer conference Keynote today and they talked about Apple Music kit for developers. Seems like it offers the ability for developers to have access to the entirety of Apple Music for various applications. Wasn’t sure if this is an opportunity for Roon to offer Apple Music compatibility for those with that subscription service who aren’t willing or able to use Tidal? I occ find music on Apple Music not in Tidal…would be cool to be able to add to Roon even if not lossless.
Is this a future possibilty or am I just misunderstanding what apple was talking about today?


Was also wondering about this?
Two other things that might be of interest is airplay 2 and their homepod.


One of the key questions missing from all of the reporting I can find is whether AirPlay 2 will retain the current 48 kHz sample rate cap.

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48 kHz? Or 44.1 kHz? Last I recall, AirPlay could pass 16 bit 44.1 kHz losslessly, but that was the limit.


I think you’re correct about that.

Either way, the question is whether AirPlay 2 will allow high resolution streams (at least 24/96, or even much more).

I would expect at least 24 bit 96 kHz capability – if just for some future proofing. Apple TV still could impose its 48 kHz sample rate conversion for consistency and compatibility.


Bluesound have announced Airplay 2 coming soon to the range. These are already Roon Ready and MQA capable.

Bluesound on Facebook


Super interesting. It’s coming with iOS 11 right, so not available until Sep/Oct?

I’m wondering what Roon’s plans are for Airplay 2 support (I more or less assume it will come in due course), and also if technically, there’s any chance to sync RAAT zones with Airplay 2 zones. Too soon to tell?

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Is Airplay 2 backwards compatible with devices able to send to Airplay? If it is backwards compatible, I would assume Roon will be able to access Airplay 2 devices as it does current Airplay devices, even if Roon never adopts the more advanced Airplay 2 features (multiroom support).

Also, this Apple Insider article regarding AirPlay 2 device compatibility may be relevant.

Thanks for the link. From that article, It looks like it is backward compatible. I was more interested, though, in how the AirPlay 2 multi-room capabilities would impact Roon. It would be cool (not to mention competitively wise) for Roon to support all these new AirPlay 2 speakers, if feasible:

It is 48 but I am also interested in if Airplay 2 will go higher.

MusicKit is iOS only by the looks of things. Apple Music Roon integration is probably pie in the sky.