Apple Superdrive does not work

I´ve got a new Nucleus and I attached an Apple Superdrive (also new). Is the Superdrive supported by the Nucleus?? Currently it doesn´t work.

I use the Roon version 1.7(build 537), but I can´t get access to the SuperDrive. Where should I find it??
Thank you for your support!
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Can you clarify “it doesn’t work”?

How are you attempting to use it? Did you pop in a disc?

Hi Danny,
I can´t find the SuperDrive in the Roon UI. I assume Roon doesn´t recognize the drive!?

The ripping is done in the Web UI interface, not, in Roon itself.

If Roon OS detects a CD drive attached to your device, the web interface will display a new section called CD Ripper . If this is missing, that means your CD drive was not detected by Roon OS.

You can read the whole instructions here: Roon OS Ripping

Hi Daniel,
…problem solved!! After reboot the SuperDrive is recognized and now it´s ripping.
Thank´s a lot for your support.

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