Apple Time Capsule as a storage for Roon

Could you please explain me step by step how to add folders with music files stored at Apple Time Capsule to Roon library?
I’d like to use Apple Time Capsule as an external storage for Roon.

Welcome to the community, @Jacek_Warmuzinski!

The Time Capsule will need to serve files using SMB (Samba) to work with Roon. To add a shared folder containing your music goto Roon Settings > Storage and click on Add Folder. In the pop-up click on Add Network Share and enter the details necessary to access the Time Capsule.

Since you haven’t stated what device runs your Core please make sure this has the correct drivers to access SMB 1.0 (this may be an issue for Windows devices.)

Hello @Jacek_Warmuzinski, and welcome to the community! I’m glad you got some help here, but if you’re having issues getting the network share part set up, here’s a link to our article on what needs to be done. Please let me know if you have any questions about it!

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