Apple Track Pad back and forward gesture support

I’ve gotten so used to using the safari back and forward gestures on my trackpad, I sure would like to see them in roon.


its on our list…


I should note… we have some issues with how to deal with this on the horizontally scrolling pages… do you want two finger swipe on the trackpad to go back or scroll back?

or do you use 3 fingers for back/fwd?

I use 2 fingers but I see what you mean.

I think you have to leave it as it is with horizontal scrolling. Pages that don’t horizontal scroll, gesture swipe should be go back and go forward.

Popping back out of albums for an artist is where I would find it most useful.

Two fingers for forward / back.

Three fingers for horizontal scrolling in the browser. I am now tending to enter the letter on the keyboard to jump to the relevant page whilst scrolling.

I think this confirms more closely with the Apple gestures.

Three finger scrolling would conflict with the Apple default for switching spaces / full screen apps.

I agree with @DrTone. Two fingers could work for forward & back AND horizontal scrolling. At the ends of horizontal scrolling lists, the two finger gesture could fall back to being forward / back, as well on all vertical scrolling pages.

Two finger scrolling could also apply when hovering over horizontal lists (for instance the single row Tidal ‘Main albums’ and ‘Singles, EPs and Compilations’. When not hovering, the two finger gesture would be forward / back.

One other option could be to make the above default behavior, while adding a user preference for forward / back (two, three or four fingers), but maybe that’s overcomplicating things.

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In Apple you have the option to use three or four fingers to switch spaces / full screen apps. See no reason the same could not apply in Roon, such that you configure the two not to clash.

Other than this, in Apple three fingers is the default up / down for Mission Control and App Expose, and an option for Drag.

On my iPad (thinking forthcoming iOS app) it’s four fingers to switch apps. So three fingers in Roon should work there too for the browser sections.

In the browser I just use one finger. 2 fingers switches workspace.

I think what is suggested earlier would work, provide 1 finger swipes (like in the browser) for all pages other than those that scroll horizontally.

late to this one, but I instinctively go to scroll back with 2 fingers as I would in Safari. +1 on enabling this feature! 4 fingers switches spaces for me. 3 fingers does nothing. 2 fingers is forward and backward.

I add this comment here as it seems relevant. The latest roon 1.3 (or perhaps even 1.2) is interfering with the touchpad settings. I have 4 fingers swipe down = Volume down in Windows.

Roon is using this to present the big play button. Why? Where is the setting?

This is - frankly speaking - a complete mess. Please do not invent particular commands for Roon that are not inherited from the Windows or or other touchpad settings. One utility example in addition to Windows is the MultiSwipe feature.

Anyway to turn Roon local definitions OFF?

It’s rather surprising this still hasn’t made it in, in the last 5 years. Hopefully soon!