Apple TV 10.2 come on apple

When will this issue with Apple TV 10.2 be fixed?

I second Samuel’s question. I bought my new Apple TV unit (though I didn’t need it for anything else) so I could stream Roon into another space. I hope that a reasonable solution can be achieved soon. In the future I will make sure automatic updates are disabled for sure!

Hi Jim I would not disable auto up dates on your Apple TV until you see if the next update fixes the problem then after that fix I would turn it off that’s what I’m going to do Sam.

Fixes the problem? I thought Apple has changed their airplay policy, airplay streaming to the latest tvOS must originate from a certified device. Roon core on a windows PC doesn’t qualify.

Has anyone confirmed if Roon core on Mac hardware still works with airplay to tvOS 10.2?

Thanks Sam, you’re right about that - keeping the door open for Apple to fix the protocol issue.

Hi Jim lucky I have Apple TV 3 every thing works great.

We’re also trying to find a workaround here.

I don’t have anything firm to report about the progress yet, but we’ll absolutely let everyone know as soon we have news.

To be clear, as far as I know this is an issue with tvOS, which is only used in the 4th generation Apple TV.