[Apple TV 11.3] Transport: Playback has failed due unexpected [Resolved]

After updating my ATV to 11.3, I’m getting the following error:

Transport: Playback has failed due unexpected error communicating with audio device.

Apparently after updating my ATV to tvOS 11.3, it was working fine before.

ATV Setting “Everyone on same network”, no password.

Running latest version of Roon (1.4 b 310)

Tried: Restarted ATV & Roon (running from Synology NAS).

Hello @onesixright,

We’ve recently received some reports with users having issues with TvOS 11.3 and Roon. Can you try some of the steps that were mentioned in this thread and let me know if they were successful for you in getting things working again?




I did a update and reset. That worked (for my ATV HD).

ATV 4K, also reset done. Works fine now. Still weird!

BTW I did not have the beta installed!

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