Apple TV 4K endpoint to paired HomePods--no sound

Core Machine
NUC w/Roon 1.8

Network Details
Eero mesh WiFi

Audio Devices
Apple TV 4K and paired/stereo HomePods

Description of Issue
The default audio output for one of my Apple TVs is a pair of HomePods. Roon recognizes the ATV as an endpoint and I’m able to play music from my iPhone or other devices to the ATV, but there’s no audio. My issue is essentially the same as the one explained in this thread, but it was closed, and I’m unsure of the current status on this issue.

I have no problem using two other ATVs connected to AV receivers as endpoints. Is there a workaround or will this issue be addressed in the next Roon update?

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I just found your message in a search as I’m having the same problem. I have the same configuration as you except for an Orbi router.

On another post here I did see one comment that said it won’t play to HomePods through the Apple TV as an endpoint as Roon is not compatible with Airplay 2. I’m not sure if this is correct as I haven’t been able to find any comments from Roon confirming this.

What does work I can play Roon using my iPhone as the endpoint and direct the audio from the iPhone control centre to the Apple TV connected to HomePods and it works perfectly.

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Thank you for that suggestion. I’ll try the iPhone to ATV trick in the meantime. Hoping @support will have info and suggestions too.

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Hello @JAM and welcome to the Roon community! Sorry we didn’t get back to you over the weekend - Roon support is open Monday to Friday at this time.

Thanks for sharing the issue you’ve ran into. I’m happy to share some info, that might help @Fordski as well.

Airplay 2 is not supported in Roon at this time. However, Airplay 2 devices can still be used with Roon, but via the Airplay protocol.

While stereo mode is not supported, you should be able to stream music to your Home Pod directly from Roon, once you connect them to your Roon Core via Airplay. See this post on how to enable the Home Pods in Roon:

Please, let me know if it works :nerd_face:

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Is airplay2 support planned?

Hey @Eric_Wagner,

This is a feature request that a number of our users have started discussing here:

Feel free to join in and share your interest. Our team keeps a close eye on the Feature Requests category.

Thank you, rebeka. Good to know that I won’t be able to use Roon to Airplay to an ATV using stereo HomePods. I really wanted to stream through ATV (rather than to the HomePods directly), so I’ll just hope that AirPlay 2 is implemented at some point.

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Thanks for keeping in touch, @JAM. I do wish I had better news, but I can only join you in hoping that Airplay 2 will make an appearance soon :nerd_face: