Apple TV connects BluSound node has issues

Seems like I spend all day fixing computer issues. Without turning this into a research project, after a few days, I got the Roon Remote to work. It will communicate with the Node but it never completes a song, randomly moving through snippets of tunes. It doesn’t seem to matter if it comes from my Core or from Tidal. Conversely, if I send the signal to the Apple TV, then it seems to work fine. The Core is Windows 10 64 bit. All connections are wifi. The Node/Tidal works fine coming directly from my phone/ipad. When the Roon system is running well, I do see a periodic drop off in my connection (but all my wifi singles are full bars throughout the house). I am using a Netgear wifi extender to get the signal to all areas of the house. I’m also on the 7 day trial - so I’d like to know if this will work before I shell out the bucks…Thanks for your help.

You have two issues that stand out, you are all WiFi and you use a WiFi extender. At the very least you need to try and get the core hard wired to the network and take it from there. That was the initial step I took that made Roon stable and as a consequence viable to me.

Hello @Max_Erwine,

As Henry mentions, Roon works best when there is an Ethernet connection to support the bandwidth streaming needed and WiFi can be a bit more unstable. If you can confirm that Roon works well when both the Core and Node are connected via Ethernet, that would give us a good direction to look in and focus on the network. Can you please give that a try an let me know your results?