Apple TV Extension enable extension in your core

I encounter some problems with the apple TV Roon extension. When opening is comes with the following message: Found Roon Core, NAS… Go to Settings> Extensions in the roon App, to enable this extension in your core.

When I go to settings on my apple TV and go to TV Remote I don’t know what to do. When I use the option IP adress the systems does not find my core.

Any suggestions? Probably something simple :slight_smile:

On your Roon core computer, go to Settings - Extensions - View

The roon core is on my QNAP NAS (as well as the roon server). QNAP is on LINUX. How to get there on my QNAP NAS.

On your Roon control device:

see screenshot
Looks fine, but it does not work

Recently changed my username en password on my NAS. Could that be the problem? Apps on Iphone are working fine.

Screenshot is of my Macmini. Thus, not of my NAS where the Roon Core is on.

You need to go into your ROON settings where ever your Roon core is.

Thanks Jim.
Roon core is on my QNAP NAS. There is no Roon app (like the roon app on an Iphone or Imac) on the QNAP NAS. There is a Roon server app (see screenshot below). So how do I enable the TV Remote Extension on my QNAP?

Evidently, you are running your Roon core on your QNAP NAS. You access Roon using a Roon control device which can be an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, or a computer running the Roon software. Use your Roon control device to open Roon (on your QNAP). From there, go into Roon - Settings - Extensions - View.

Problem is solved!!
First remove the extension (that does the trick).
After that enable te extension.


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