Apple TV Roon app not working

Today I realised that there is a Roon app for the Apple TV. I eagerly installed it and it seems to connect to my Roon server ok. A passcode appeared, which I had to enter on my iPhone. So far so good. But when I try and play a track (either via the Apple TV app or via the iPhone app with the Apple TV selected as a zone, the Apple TV just comes up with a 4-digit “airplay passcode”. There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to enter this on the iphone, if that is what I have to do?

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The Roon Apple TV app is not made by Roon and is not supported by them either. It is a third party app that uses Roon’s extension architecture to function. You can get support here Apple TV Extension - Roon TV Remote

To find the code for your AppleTV airplay, go to the AppleTV settings, look for airplay and find the code under access restrictions or something similar. If it’s not set, make a code. Then when you try and play the the AppleTV zone you can enter this code for Roon to gain access.

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Thanks both.

The app is not made by Roon? Aren’t there copyright issues there?

Setting a password fixed the issue for some reason. Many thanks!

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