Apple TV Roon Remote

I love the experience of Roon Remote for Apple TV, but would like to see integrated search and organization by genre added to its feature set. Are there any plans to do that? Cheers.

Hi Andy, glad you’re enjoying the app.

The app is built against the Roon API so it’s functionality is limited compared to the full Roon client.

Most of the API feature have already been implemented in the app.


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Sure, but is the App written by Roon? I know about software layering and software boundaries as responsibility containers; but I think most of the power of Roon comes from tagging expressed as hierarchical organisation into genres based on similarities. I just mean hopefully the teams will decide to use the same paradigm as a basis from which to support future development and just make it part of the core function set for anyone to integrate if so desired.

I should add that I found a lot of the search / TIDAL functionality I wamted buried in submenus that were kind of Beta but never crashed, just sometimes didn’t get very far with them before a glitch made me startt again.

No it’s not. It’s written by @R_102

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The app is written by myself as a Roon Extension.

Let me know if there’s a particular browsing issue that’s causing issues - it may be a bug!

When navigating through the browse screens the app will return you to the top of the collection list on each navigation step. This is due to how browsing works via the API - ideally id cache the collection but that’s not possible. I may try to improve this as some-point.

Hey, sorry for the delay. I hope everyone sees I meant it as a compliment that I thought it was written by Roon as a fellow engineer, and I know about API limits; but to be a virtual PM, could you take what you have, cross-reference on artist or anything you can get to find simple trends, and then create clusters of similararity with custom maps you build to move from CD to CD or song to song to create playlists like, “Explore” rather than “Discover”. Even “Shuffle” inside of “clusters”.