Apple TV - Should I get one?


I’m new to Roon, but love it so far. I have it set up and running on my desktop PC on the studio, but I would like an endpoint in the living room as well.

I plan on moving my core and library to possibly a nuc or similar later, but for now this is my set up.

I just saw an add that the Apple TV is on sale now for $50, so was wondering if this is a good alternative for a living room end point?

I know it’s only 44/16, but that’s not a problem in the loving room by now.

As long as you don’t group Atv’s together and expect any degree of accurate sync it’s ok. New Atv’s have only HDMI outputs

I bought a Apple TV 3rd Gen for the Airplay-to-optical output, but it just collects dust now that I have Roon Ready outputs available.

What is the suggested endpoints/roon ready outputs in the cheaper end of the scale?

I might upgrade later on, but for now I just want to make the switch from my Sonos to Roon in the living room.

If I get a NEC or similar to run core/library, I could possibly have that in my living room and run the audio through my old Nativ Instrumets Kontrol 1, would that work? I have a feeling that would be the best option. Any thoughts?

Be aware that while AirPlay is 44.1kHz, the ATV resamples and outputs all audio at 48kHz. If you were to play 96/24, it would get downconverted to 44.1 by Roon and upconverted to 48 by the ATV. Not pretty.

For audio, you may be better served by an Airport Express (all output remains 44.1) or be creative and get yourself a Raspberry Pi running Roon Bridge, with a nice DAC HAT or Digi+ (output up to 192/24).


if you have no other use for the ATV/APE then I would probably go the RPi and Digi+ out but it just requires a bit more DIY effort - but most likely a much better result.

DIY isn’t a problem, so I might go for that instead then. I have no use for the ATV other than this, so sounds like a bad idea…

Thanks everyone!

I have both, the Airport Express and the Apple TV, and it is true, the Airport sound much better.

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