Apple vs Roon Services

I guess when comparing Apple music users to Roon users some believe Apple offers a superior service because it has more subscribers?

If so, is that like saying because there are more hungry people than non-hungry, being hungry must be a superior life style? I don’t think many Roon users will understand that logic.


Where do folks who use both services fall? Does it have to be an “Us and Them” othering argument?

Apple Music sure has taken the Roon community forums by storm! It seems to the the new MQA: “Wot Side Are You On, Boys!” There are so many threads about it. I haven’t really participated because it seems to have all been said by now, but I just want to say that Roon users, Apple Music users, users of both, and users of none probably cannot be denominated by a limited way of thinking. Do those who use one service over another really think differently on a fundamental level? This screams tribalism to me, but perhaps that is human nature. It seems this thread may just be asking for a fight. I’m out. Good luck!


They are two totally different things. It’s like comparing a motorcycle to a golf cart.


And anyway - are you feeling okay? :wink:

apple music (the service) is part of a complete eco-system that covers desktop machines, tablets, phones, watches, and stand-alone speakers and audio devices. It works seamlessly with any modern car (carplay). As such, it’s an effortless way to add streaming music into your life if you are already part of the apple ecosystem.

Roon is the opposite, it works with a limited set of hardware in a disjointed way. You need to be at home and want to stream to a pre-set device from your local library or from two very specific streaming services. Roon as an entity doesn’t bring any music to the table, it’s just a conduit to play other music that you bring either locally or by a separately purchased streaming service. It does this job well in my experience, but it is very limited in what it does. Roon also offers a consistent but odd user interface that doesn’t behave like the OS it’s sitting on, which I find off-putting, but I’ve learned to live with it.

These are apples and oranges. Apple music (the service) is like us talking abut qobuz addition to Roon



Yes, everyone gets the point (your point) so why do Apple folk make the specious argument about the number of subscribers a service has.

That is my point.

Which category does a Harley fall into?

The "Dang I wish I had gotten one before my body became too decrepit to ride one’ category.

Golf cart - no cornering ability.


Right answer!
We call them Hardly,s.
Hardly go, hardly steer and hardly stop.

And I am sure that will offend a boatload of our Milwaukee swear by brethren.


I did tell the wife that if I ever said anything like " I fancy a Harley" she was to book me into a mental health institute right away.

Fortunately ( or unfortunately depending on your perspective) my body is in a similar state of decay!
So no worries about it now.

Ok nuff about Harley , back to your regular scheduled programming of Apple vs Roon.

So excited :grin:

Ktm990 smt here, perfect for Lake District lanes!

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Snapple vs Roon?? You can’t drink Roon!


My last job in the UK in 99 was in Keswick.
I took my new Honda Fireblade with me.
Absolutely glorious!
My memory says I rode to Rivington Barn from there too, not sure if that’s correct though…lol

Nice bike! They were/are a great ride.

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Thats near my original home ground.

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I never understood what the OP wanted to achieve with their post. No offence to them.

Love how you lot have hijacked this post now :rofl: :beers:


Hyping Apple Music lol

Yes I am truly sorry for sidetracking a topic on Apple vs Roon onto bikes and good places to ride.
No seriously I wheelie, wheelie am…


I could likely still get on one, just not so sure about getting off again though!
Your KTM sounds perfect.

Whoops sorry @RBO :innocent:

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