Apple Watch App

I would like to see an Apple Watch App for Roon. It can be simple. Play/Pause/Stop/Next/Prev
I now use Roon to stream throughout my house in zone 2 as well as outside(Zone 3). It’s great that you can use your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV as a remote, I think the most convenient remote would be the one on your wrist. There already is one for Tidal. I prefer Roon!

See rooWatch - Smart control for Roon using Apple Watch and Siri
I think that this extension essentially offers what you desire.

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If you want a free workaround, you can select Enable Lock Screen Controls in settings then use the Now Playing feature on the watch. Here are some images of mine:

The watch seems to be seeing the Lock Screen controls, so even if you are playing it from an endpoint in your main rig, as long as the iPhone or iPad has that screen controls available, your watch will link to it. Also, if your DAC allows for volume control or your DSP volume is set up, the crown on the watch can control that as well, which is really handy!


I did not know that feature was there. Thank you very much. It works wonderfully throughout my house and even outside


rooWatch is the better solution if you want an Apple Watch app independent of the Roon app running on the iPhone. It has some more nice features, such as:

  • cover art on the Watch
  • no look interaction with taps and swipes
  • full Roon browsing
  • Siri integration
  • playlist control